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Spring arrived 5 weeks ago and with it the spring fever that has been taking its toll on me the past few weeks. It’s not creating a frenetic push, rather it’s leading to a dreamy – almost delirious – state of plotting details for upcoming travels and planning opportunities to dine out at new restaurants.

Here in Alaska spring does not always translate to warmth, as temperatures easily drop into the 30s during the night. It’s nippy enough that a cracking fire helps take the chill out of the evening air. Before a leisurely dinner party, I find it’s nice to relax by the fireplace, chat with my friends, and nibble some appetizers before putting the finishing touches on our dinner. For a retro-twist, it’s fun to serve a classic cocktail to sip alongside with those appetizers.


Classic cocktails by the fire

Yes, I realize this site has the word “wine” in the name — but sometimes it’s interesting to shake things up a bit. Literally. Everyone should have at least one or two traditional shaken cocktail recipes in their repertoire. Here are three versions to file away for your next dinner party or “Mad Men” themed evening. Cheers!

Classic Vodka Martini (Adapted from The Spir.it)


2 ounces vodka (Skyy or Absolute)
1/2 ounces dry vermouth (Martini & Rossi or Noilly Prat) (more…)


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