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Over the past 2 1/2 years I’ve had extensive domestic travel for work, travel that took time away from my presence here. But the prize for spending that time away from home, engaging in my profession, translated to the accumulation of airline miles and hotel points that have been used for some wonderful leisure trips.

During the past 18 months I have the good fortune to be able to fly in the pointy-end of the plane on some terrific international airlines – Emirates, Qantas and Cathay Pacific for starters. I was able to travel to Dubai and Hong Kong twice, staying at a variety of wonderful hotels. Australia was sandwiched in the middle (my third trip to that country), with wonderful stays in both Melbourne and Sydney.

Of course, all of the air travel, airport lounges and hotels were filled with fabulous culinary offerings and fine beverages – heaven forbid that I should ever miss a meal. But it wasn’t all glam and glitz. There were off-the-beaten path culinary explorations within the various cities – particularly into the ethnic sections and working class areas where locals reside, places where travelers make only a rare appearance. Meanderings accompanied by fun and funny adventures, a few misadventures and, of course, lots of food.

My question to you, dear reader, is this: Which parts of the world, which adventures – and oh, there were many – do you have an interest in hearing more about? Please tell me in the comments section which destinations are of most interest to you for future posts and articles.

Thank you in advance for your input!


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Lately it seems to be a rare event for me to eat out while I’m in my home city of Anchorage. These days, most of my dining seems to be done on planes or at mediocre airport hotels due to work and leisure travel that’s consumed me over the past two years. There will be more on the topic of travel to come in future posts, but for now let us focus on food.

Recently a friend and I had a wonderful dinner at Maxine’s Fireweed Bistro. We ended up sharing all of the dishes – with minimal bickering, I should point out – at least minimal bickering in regard to the food.

Our starter was tempura pork belly that was light and crunchy outside while bursting with juicy pork inside – all without a hint of grease.

Tempura Pork Belly Appetizer

Tempura pork belly appetizer

Both entrees were equally good in their own ways. The evening’s Bistro Steak was local elk loin seared medium rare, served with fiddlehead ferns and (more…)

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