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Lately it seems to be a rare event for me to eat out while I’m in my home city of Anchorage. These days, most of my dining seems to be done on planes or at mediocre airport hotels due to work and leisure travel that’s consumed me over the past two years. There will be more on the topic of travel to come in future posts, but for now let us focus on food.

Recently a friend and I had a wonderful dinner at Maxine’s Fireweed Bistro. We ended up sharing all of the dishes – with minimal bickering, I should point out – at least minimal bickering in regard to the food.

Our starter was tempura pork belly that was light and crunchy outside while bursting with juicy pork inside – all without a hint of grease.

Tempura Pork Belly Appetizer

Tempura pork belly appetizer

Both entrees were equally good in their own ways. The evening’s Bistro Steak was local elk loin seared medium rare, served with fiddlehead ferns and (more…)


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Many of us have fallen out of touch with how our food is produced. We tacitly expect that when we visit a grocery store, the shelves will magically be stocked with the produce, meat, and other items that we need to feed our families. How often do you think about the obstacles faced by farmers, or consider the effort local growers put into providing us with Alaska Grown vegetables, fruit, meat, dairy products?

Pyrah's Pioneer Peak Farm, Alaska

The Mat-Su Farm Bureau is hosting a full-day tour of several farms on Saturday, July 31. Guests will have the opportunity to experience on a personal level where and how our local produce is grown, and will learn more about the unique aspects of farming in Alaska. During the tour stops will be made at Glacier Valley Farm, Havemeister’s Dairy, Bushes Bunches, and Pyrah’s Pioneer Peak Farm. In addition, guests will enjoy an all Alaska grown catered lunch, (more…)

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